Many have speculated about what will happen following Saturday night’s UFC 143’s main event between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit. While current UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre recovers from knee surgery, it has been rumored that the winner of Diaz-Condit would make at least one title defense before unifying the title with GSP.

However, according Cesar Gracie, that is not what Diaz’s head coach will advise his prized pupil do.

“If we’re fortunate and we win this fight, I would advise Nick to not take another fight before the GSP fight, unless it was maybe at a different weight class, because we wanna wait for (St-Pierre),” said Gracie, in an interview on The MMA Hour recently.

Several contenders would likely try and make their way into a title fight, including Johny Hendricks, the winner of Saturday night’s Josh Koscheck-Mike Pierce bout, and the winner of the upcoming Jake Ellenberger-Diego Sanchez fight.

The time table for St-Pierre’s return has been sketchy at best, as most feel GSP will be back in late 2012, while rumors of him trying to return this summer have been mentioned by UFC President Dana White.

MMATraining Take: Taking a fight in another weight class could really damper the spotlight for a possible Diaz-GSP bout if Diaz falls. However, the magnitude of such a match up would probably keep Diaz from fighting in another weight class and risking injury. Whenever the title becomes unified, expect a great match between GSP and either Diaz or Condit.