When UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen squares off against divisional champion Anderson Silva in July he’ll do so with a solid amount of synthetic testosterone in his system. However, while the substance may have in part led to his suspension from 2010-2011 after showing an elevated level in his body after an earlier meeting with Silva, this time around Sonnen has little to fear as long as he avoids abusing it.

Sonnen’s request for an exemption to use testosterone was approved by the Nevada Athletic Commission on Monday. He will undergo multiple tests leading up to the July 7 bout with Silva and be screened the day after the fight as well.

Sonnen has been a longtime proponent of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) as a means of helping his body replenish a naturally low level of the hormone and will also be called on in the future to advise the regulatory board on similar situations when necessary.


MMATraining Take: The way athletic commissions handle drug use still baffles me. While I know it’s not as simple as this vs. that, it’s silly a substance like testosterone is permissible while Nick Diaz’s career is in jeopardy because he smoked pot.