Chris Lytle is known as one of the most exciting and durable fighters in the UFC. One of the busiest fighters in the organization, inside and outside of the cage, Chris is able to find time for fighting, working 48 hours a week as a firefighter and being a husband and father of four.

“Whatever you really want to do, you’re going to find time to do that. That’s pretty much all I do. I take care of my kids, I work at the fire dept and I train. Those are the things I really want to do right now, so I’m dedicating my life to it.”

After losing a narrow decision to Matt Serra on Season 4 of TUF he has vowed to never fight cautious again. Since that loss he has fought the best of the best. His resume includes Matt Hughes, Thiago Alves, Josh Koscheck, Paul Taylor and Marcus Davis in his last 5 fights, 4 of them he has been awarded fight of the night.

“I don’t go in there thinking I will win fight of the night. I try only to think about putting on the best fight I can. When I fought Serra I tried to win a decision at all costs and I said I would never do that again. I told Joe Silva that I want to fight guys who will try and take my head off, whether on the feet or the ground.”

Lytle is waiting to hear who his next opponent is but after watching Matt Brown‘s dismantling of Pete Sell, Lytle would like another fight against Brown, a man he defeated last year in the 2nd round via guillatoine choke.

“I would like to fight Matt Brown again. He looked really good at UFC 96 and I think that would be a great match up.”

Whoever he fights next, you can bet he won’t be fighting for a decision. Matt Brown vs. Chris Lytle II is a fight fans would love to see and could have another Fight of the Night written all over it.