Chuck Liddell is settling into his role as part of the UFC’s promotional team quite nicely. The former UFC light heavyweight champion is currently the Vice President of Business Development, which allows him to still work with the sport he loves, but avoid getting punched in the face.

Liddell, who helped push MMA into the mainstream by appearing in several movies and television shows, is enjoying his new position. “The Iceman” is also expecting a new addition to his family, as a daughter is on the way for Liddell and Heidi Northcott.

“I’m having a baby. I’m excited about that, that’s coming in December. I do a lot of stuff with the UFC, promoting the sport (which keeps me busy),” said Liddell, in a recent interview with FightHub.

Liddell still has that inner fire that wants him to start training again and take another fight, but at 41-years old and coming off of three consecutive knockout defeats, he knows that isn’t in the cards.

“People ask, ‘Do you want to fight?’ I’m always gonna want to fight,” Liddell said. “But the reasons I retired are gonna stay the same. It took a long time to make the decision, and when I made it that was my decision.”


MMATraining Take: Good for Liddell. His memories will always be there for UFC and MMA fans, so there is no need for him to get back inside the Octagon. The man is a legend, will always be a legend and no one wants to see him seriously hurt fighting. Enjoy retirement, Chuck.