Ok, now that I have your attention let’s debate Cote vs. Silva going the distance.

I have heard all of speculation that what we witnessed last night was Anderson Silva jogging on the treadmill at a “5” instead of a “10” and simply don’t buy it. Silva is a professional that has worked his entire life to be at the pinnacle of his sport and had everything to lose last night with little to gain – he is too smart to mail in any of his fights and risk an upset.

First the obvious – Saturday’s fight ended in disappointment for the fans, Silva and Cote. Sitting with my ticket stub in one hand and my fourth Red Bull in the other, I was immediately deflated and slumped in my seat watching Cote fall to the matt. I think I felt the caffeine actually drain from my system right at that moment.

Image of Patrick Cote and Anderson Silva, courtesy of mma.fanhouse.com


Like most I am an Anderson Silva fan. How can you not be an Anderson Silva fan? Exceptionally talented, respectful of the sport and his fans and simply a “manchine” in the octagon. That being said I found myself quietly cheering for the upset. Come on Cote, shock us all. And with each devastating blow to the head that he endured and with those baseball bat like kicks to the shins that backed him up but did not put him out, the impossible seemed at least better than the 7 – 1 line against Cote.

We didn’t get a chance to see how this one would have played out and pending the severity of the injury to Cote it is quite possible that it will be a long time or even never that we get to see a rematch but allow me to go way out on a limb and make a bold prediction – Cote was gaining momentum and could very well have pulled off the upset.

Here now are the top three reasons Patrick Cote would have won over the Spider:

1. Silva was getting comfortable – too comfortable. That is not to say he was taking the night off, he was just getting overly confident that his skills were far more superior than Cote’s arsenal, while at the same time Cote was starting to hear his corner’s (mainly Mark DellaGrotte) chants to believe in himself, believe he could do it. His confidence was growing that he could stand there in the octagon with arguably the best on the planet, and throw bombs.

2. He’s Canadian. It’s generally cold in Canada. To stay warm Canadians like to drink beer and fight. Don’t ever count a Canadian out of any match, they won’t quit and they don’t like to lose.

3. One of those heavy hands was going to connect eventually. Silva was in unchartered territory for him in the UFC – beyond round two. Cote had the chin to stay in there with him and with ample time in a title fight, one of those overhand rights was going to catch Silva and force him to show he is not only talented but also durable.

Silva will continue to lay down his opponents in the UFC and let’s hope for a speedy recovery for Patrick Cote because no matter how the fight left you feeling – Patrick Cote gained a lot of fans last night and proved the odds makers wrong.

Speedy recovery Patrick – let’s pick things up at the start of round three.