It appears Strikeforce has one less champion to work with over the next year, a bit of news that’s particularly sad considering the questionable future of women’s MMA beyond the company’s eight-event deal with Showtime.

According to the California State Athletic Commission, featherweight queen Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos tested positive for anabolic steroid use after her one-sided beatdown of Hiroko Yamanaka and will be suspended for a year as a result. Santos had just returned to the ring from more than a year on the sidelines due to a contract dispute and the general lack of 145-pound opposition.

Her win over Yamanaka has also been changed from a TKO victory to a No Contest and she will be fined $2,500.

Our primary concern is for the health and safety of fighters. Anabolic agents and other banned substances put not only the users of those agents at risk, but their opponents as well,” said CSAC executive George Dodd in a statement on the situation. “The commission simply will not tolerate their use.”

Though Santos had never been caught using steroids before, today’s news seems to confirm speculation regarding her incredibly muscular physique. “Cyborg” has not released an official comment on the commission’s findings as of this report.


MMATraining Take: It’s extremely disappointing to hear “Cyborg” got popped for PED use but not necessarily all that surprising either. With a year-long suspension ahead of her I think it’s likely we’ve seen Santos fight in Strikeforce for the last time ever and possibly for the last time in North American since the UFC isn’t likely to add female divisions anytime soon.