While it takes years upon years of dedication inside the gym to match UFC middleweight Cung Le’s mastery of striking, it only takes a single trip to the grocery store to begin the journey to remaining as fit as Le has at the age of 40. Le recently spoke about his diet including his decision to only consume supplements he knows are safe.

“I eat all organic, all my supplements are food based, and I’d rather do it that way for me,” said Le in an interview with MMAWeekly. “I can’t speak for anyone else (but) I’m clean and I’ll test anytime.”

Le also explained he’s open to increased testing based on his interest in doing things the natural way and seeing his peers follow suit as well.


MMATraining Take: It’s nice to hear more fighters coming forward with a desire to see increased testing in the sport. There’s no place for performance enhancing drugs in MMA given the stakes involved, and the only way to truly clean it up is test with regularity.