There aren’t two fighters in the same division who come as close to being polar opposites than UFC welterweights Dan Hardy and Matt Hughes. Hardy is a punk-rock loving, tattoo-having Mohawk-wearing scrapper; Hughes is a self-admitted country boy who comes from a wrestling background and loves to farm/hunt. Their careers have also been quite different with Hughes being a Hall of Fame fighter and one of the greatest 170-pound champions in MMA history, Hardy a solid but not sensational competitor.

However, when it comes to settling scores in a cage it seems opposites may indeed attract, as “The Outlaw” has come out recently to publicize his desire to fight Hughes in 2012.

The latest instance of Hardy’s calling out the semi-retired Hughes came on Twitter where he took the 38-year old to task for a picture of Hughes gleefully posing with a bobcat he’d shot/killed.

“Look at what I killed. Aren’t I the man,” Hardy wrote on the popular social networking outlet. “This is the only thing I have found that cures my impotence.”

Hardy clarified to say he has no issue with hunting done for food but feels quite differently when it comes to killing animals for fun/trophies. While Hughes, who hasn’t come forward to announce whether or not he plans to fight again after being knocked out by Josh Koscheck at UFC 135, is staying quiet, Hardy’s focus seems to squarely be on baiting his newfound rival into a return to the ring where the prey he’s hunting can at least fight back.


MMATraining Take: I completely agree with Hardy’s stance on hunting. Doing so for food is one thing but killing something to put it up on your mantle is a disgusting practice. As far as the fight I’m all for it. Both are in similar positions as far as recent success (or lack thereof) goes and there’s a lot of marketing angles to use in terms of selling it to the public.