Despite being stuck in the longest losing streak of his career, Dan Hardy isn’t just sitting back and waiting for some no-name fighter to come after him. No, “The Outlaw” is making it known who he wants inside the Octagon in 2012.

“I’ve mentioned Matt Hughes to Lorenzo (Fertitta). He’s been on a rough streak as well recently, he’ll look at me and see I’ve lost four fights and think he can outwrestle me,” said Hardy, in a recent interview with ESPN. “I also genuinely don’t like him. I need a fight to get up for and I’d take great pleasure in smashing him in the face.”

Hardy wouldn’t go into detail on where his hatred for Hughes, a former UFC champion and Hall of Fame fighter comes from, but said, “It’s some knowledge I have about him away from the sport. Even students around where he lives bet against him.”

After securing himself a title shot against UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, Hardy looked lost in defeats at the hands of Carlos Condit, Anthony Johnson, and Chris Lytle. Hardy was unsuccessful against GSP, but did make it through all five rounds with him, and even trained with St. Pierre earlier this year.

“Lorenzo would love to see it; more than anything he just likes a good fight!” Hardy said. “That’s why I’ve not been cut yet because I come to fight. I think Matt Hughes would be an entertaining fight.”


MMATraining Take: Hughes would make a perfect opponent for Hardy, as it gives him a chance to rebound from his four straight losses to defeat a former champion. On the flip side, a poor performance against Hughes would ultimately lead to Hardy’s release this time around for sure.