As the saying goes, “Hindsight is 20/20”. However, in the case of this week’s headliner between Diego Sanchez and Jake Ellenberger at UFC on Fuel 1, it sounds like UFC President Dana White knew what many fans did entering the bout – something special was likely to occur given the fighters’ styles, success, and stamina. In the end the welterweights lived up to expectations, turning in a Fight of the Night performance seeing Sanchez nearly mount a comeback in the third round that left viewers hungry for more.

While nothing could be done about extending the match-up on Wednesday, it appears the anti-climactic ending has at least been enough to prompt a new policy from the Zuffa brass. According to White, all main events will be five rounds long regardless of the show.

“We blew it. It should’ve been a five-round fight,” confessed White on Fuel TV after the card had concluded. “There will be five-round fights from now on.”

Check out the complete interview with White below:

MMATraining Take: Not much to be said other than, “About time!” Picking/choosing the five-round headliners made about as much sense as creating an interim champion who won’t defend the belt. Now if they can just fix that latter issue…