Even though UFC heavyweight Frank Mir appears to be the obvious choice to replace Alistair Overeem if “The Demolition Man” is denied a license to fight due to his recent drug test, it in fact looks like the former title-holder will still face Cain Velasquez for top contendership at UFC 146 regardless of the Dutchman’s status. Mir has won his last three fights and stepped forward to volunteer for duty if needed shortly after new surrounding Overeem’s overwhelmingly high testosterone level came to light.

UFC President Dana White shot those aspirations down over the weekend, assuring the public, “Mir vs. Cain will happen,” on Twitter.

If White sticks to his word and keeps Mir matched with Velasquez, also a former champion, it remains to be seen who else might emerge as a legitimate challenger for Dos Santos. Other names that have been floated around as possibilities include Dan Henderson and Fabricio Werdum.


MMATraining Take: Perhaps White’s Tweet was just positive thinking with the outspoken executive feeling as though he might be able to will Overeem’s “B” sample into being clean if he thought on it enough? Regardless, if Overeem is yanked from the headliner at UFC 146 and Mir isn’t pegged as his replacement, I honestly have no idea how the UFC can salvage the integrity of what a title-fight should be without pulling some major strings.