After one of the most brilliant video blogs from Dana White in his long history of providing them prior to UFC events, the UFC President has followed up with another solid entry featuring a backstage look at yesterday’s UFC 137 press conference where both “good” and “bad” Dana showed up.

In the episode, among other things, White offers up his thoughts on criticism that the UFC has monopolized MMA, then spends a solid chunk of time talking to fans and interacting with fighters.

“You have to be a moron – an absolute moron – to say that this thing is a monopoly…or just out to get us, hate us, and want to say it. So you’re one of the two – a hater or a moron. It’s absolutely true. It’s a fact. It’s a fact. You can talk to a zillion lawyers that deal with monopolies and stuff like that. It’s a joke. It’s an absolutely joke,” White explained when asked about the assertion.

You can watch the entire video blog below: