Sorry Georges St. Pierre fans, but there’s a new #2 on the P4P list, at least according to Dana White.

With Anderson Silva sitting firmly atop the pound-for-pound rankings GSP had been widely considered a hair behind the Brazilian with a stranglehold on second place. However, after Frankie Edgar’s comeback against Gray Maynard this past Saturday night at UFC 136 it appears “The Answer” has supplanted St. Pierre in the mind of many including the UFC President.

White offered up his opinion in the post-event press conference where he compared Edgar’s performance being the stuff of Hollywood and explained why he has Edgar edging St. Pierre out where pound-for-pound status is concerned.

“That’s movie sh*t. That doesn’t happen in real life,” said White of Edgar’s resolve even when rocked as he was early by Maynard. “There are only two guys I’ve seen do that – Arturo Gatti and (him). He has a heart the size of this room, and that’s not promoter bullsh*t.”

He’s the No. 2 pound-for-pound fighter in the world,” White continued. “And the only thing keeps him from being #1 is (Silva). You can’t deny Frankie is #2. I don’t give a sh*t what anybody else says. Tonight, he beat a guy who had him out of it — a guy who many people believe had his number — and he knocked him out. I’ve never seen sh*t like that in my life.”

The outspoken executive also referred to Edgar’s size as being a factor in the situation given that the 29-year old cuts very little weight to make 155 pounds and is viewed by many as more of a natural featherweight.

Edgar improved his record to 14-1-1 by knocking Maynard out in the fourth frame of their headlining bout at UFC 136. He holds other impressive wins over Jim Miller, Sean Sherk, and B.J. Penn (X2).


MMATraining Take: I appreciate where White is coming from but I still see St. Pierre as #2 (even if he’s “2A” to Edgar’s “2B”). GSP has dominated every opponent he’s faced in the last six years minus Matt Serra who landed a “once in a lifetime” shot behind the French-Canadian’s ear and sealed the deal at UFC 69. Meanwhile, Edgar has been on the verge of defeat in two straight bouts and had to mount a comeback each time. However, on the bright side, “pound for pound” rankings are subjective anyways so it’s not like they actually mean anything in the big picture.