The latest video blog from Dana White may not feature any gripping footage from backstage at an event as the fights unfold in the Octagon but it’s still another entertaining entry in his series of “behind the scenes” features. In the episode White takes cameras with him as he does a local media appearance in Chicago for UFC on FOX 2 and also includes some interesting moments from Thursday’s press conference such as a moment when headliners Rashad Evans and Phil Davis are forced to stand next to each other in a confined space while waiting for things to start as well as Chael Sonnen discussing his decision to coordinate his wardrobe as a rib on the UFC President.

“You made fun of me at the last press conference for my shoes and I got new shoes, and I’m determined that you see that they match my outfit this time,” Sonnen cracked after bumping into White. “You made a comment that I was wearing shoes with sweatpants…I thought, I’m gonna make sure my shoes match and make sure he sees them.”

“Well you look f*ckin dapper today, buddy,” White laughed back.

Check out the entire video below and make sure to watch UFC on FOX 2 when things start on Fuel TV at 5:00 PM EST followed by main card action on FOX at 8:00 PM EST:


MMATraining Take: This clip may not have been as good as some in the past but it was still very enjoyable. I like seeing White joke around with the fighters and in general have a good time despite all the pressure he’s actually under to deliver.