A situation involving UFC flyweight Demetrious Johnson appears to have put the company’s hopes of crowning a divisional champion on hold once again, though through no fault of the 25-year old’s own as was also the case the first time around when poor judging prevented a “sudden victory” period against Ian McCall this past March. Rather than an official’s mistake affecting Johnson’s status at the moment it seems “Mighty Mouse” suffered a hernia in his rematch with McCall this past weekend and could need surgery to repair the damage.

Johnson’s health-related woes were confirmed on this week’s episode of UFC Tonight where it was said one doctor had recommended he go under the knife, another felt differently, and he’d be getting a third opinion later this week. It is believed at most he will need a month to recover though, as with any surgery, things could change.

Left in the lurch is Joseph Benavidez, Johnson’s fellow flyweight finalist in a four-man tournament created to determine the first UFC 125-pound champion in history. The two of them will face off later this year depending on how Johnson’s health progresses.


MMATraining Take: Hopefully Johnson heals up 100% no matter which option he ultimately goes with. Hernias can be tricky things and there’s no question he’ll need to be at his best to beat Benavidez.