Dominick Cruz may have won his Bantamweight title defense Saturday night against Demetrious Johnson the Verizon Center, but he now has another fight to deal with, a fight to get back quickly from a broken hand.

The champion suffered a broken left hand during his unanimous decision victory over the speedy “Mighty Mouse.”

“You know one of the things I respect about the kid?” UFC president Dana White openly pondered. “He’s got a broken hand and had one the entire fight. He broke his hand and is going to have surgery. Not only did he not stop fighting and keep coming up 100 percent, he doesn’t even f***ing say anything about it. He goes through an entire press conference and doesn’t say anything about his hand.”

White would later ask Cruz why he had not mentioned the broken hand during the post-fight press conference but the champion simply responded, “‘What’s the difference? Who cares? I’m going to have surgery and come back.”

“You should see his hand right now,” White added. “His whole middle of his hand is all swollen. His knuckle looks nasty. He’s going to get surgery next week. I don’t know how long that will keep him out.”

Some folks may remember Cruz suffered a broken left index finger that required surgery leading up to his UFC debut and first title defense against Urijah Faber. For fans of the 19-1 bantamweight, as well as his bosses at Zuffa, hopefully “The Dominator” can heal quickly and make a quick return to the Octagon.


MMATraining Take: Having a broken right hand is no joke. The pain is pretty severe and its tough to imagine trying to fight twenty plus minutes of a title fight with a hand that simply hurts to move, let alone punch. My hat is off to Cruz for toughing it out and dominating Johnson for the better part of the fight. He definitely proved why he is a champion.