Long-time UFC fighter Duane Ludwig is looking for justice on a “short time” level and now has a powerful ally in his quest to rightfully be named owner of the organization’s “Fastest Knockout” record after a delay in the clock’s stoppage at UFN 3 when he beat Jonathan Goulet in eleven seconds officially (but closer to 4-5 in actuality based on replay footage).

Ludwig went on Twitter today and announced he’d spoken to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, who agree with his claim, and are now seeking information from the State’s attorney general’s office to see if something can be done to change the outcome and give “Bang” his due. In a show of support for their fighter and the integrity of the mark, the UFC also sent the good news out to their 340,000+ followers.

The knockout distinction is currently held by Todd Duffee who scored a seven-second KO over Tim Hague in 2009 at UFC 102.



MMATraining Take: Great news! He deserves the record and it’s awesome to see the UFC Ludwig’s quest to lay claim to such an important career accomplishment, especially when you consider his service over the years in comparison to Duffee’s.