Jose Garcia may not be as well known in the MMA world as the likes of Cesar Gracie, Javier Mendez or Greg Jackson, but he is equally as important.

Garcia is a combat sports recovery coach who has worked extensively with Nick Diaz and the fighters at American Kickboxing Academy, along with athletes from all walks of life.

As a certified professional trainer, he works to keep the body 100-percent healthy has fighters head into camps.

“Combat sports recovery is basically prepping a fighter for a fight camp so they do not have any kind of injuries,” said Garcia, during a recent interview with Rebellion Media. “You want to make sure that the fighter has no kind of evidence of a pulled hamstring, a strained tendon; you want them to be ready to go.”

Garcia has spent the past 25 years working in the health and fitness industry as a competitor, athletic coach and rehabilitation expert.

“What I do has a lot to do with getting the mind set of a fighter right,” Garcia said. “If a fighter is worrying about a knee injury or a sprained back, that can mess with their heads. If you have a shoulder injury, you are holding back from throwing punches.”

Garcia added that “these are big-money fights, championship-level fights that fighters are taking, and they need to be 100-percent healthy both physically and mentally to compete in those type of matches.”

He recently opened up shop at the Lifestyle Health and Fitness Center in Oaklay, California, offering up his services to everyone from the Diaz brothers to “weekend warriors.”

“Combat sports recovery is something I am deeply passionate about, but this kind of treatment is offered to all kinds of individuals,” Garcia said. “Youths in sports need it because their body is still growing and it needs to recovery and repair properly. Older adults need it because these programs help them continue to do what they love doing. These programs really are for everybody who wants to enjoy and purse an active life.”

You can find out more about Garcia and his work by visiting his website