During a conference call with the media today to promote Affliction’s first card July 19th, Donald Trump said that the show is sold out. Affliction VP Tom Antencio said earlier this week that about 8,500 tickets out of a possible 13,000 had been sold, so it appears that the final weeks push is paying off for Affliction.

MMATraining.com put in a call through to ticketmaster and they informed us that only about 200 tickets remain unsold. This is certainly good news for Affliction and bad news for last minute ticket purchasers. But often times an organization will sell a block of tickets to a number of different distributors (Ticketmaster etc), for them to sell, and this may be where the discrepency between Trump and Antencio’s statement comes from.

Or Affliction has just done a great job of selling and promoting over the last week.

Whatever the case, the event is garnishing a large amount of publicity as Affliction announced over 250 press passes had been requested for the show, which is a significant number to say the least.

Saturday July 19th will answer any questions about tickets sold and PPVs purchased, but any questions about the level of star power this card is bringing were answered long ago. Let the countdown begin.

If anyone is looking for last minute tickets you can find on Ticketmaster.com here.