Last winter, an article was posted here on highlighting the work of photographer Jacob Klensin and his project The Figure of Fighting.

As a refresher, the work is a documentary portrait project that looks at the world of competitive fighting in a uniquely intimate way. What had started as a fairly personal fine art project has evolved into a new and unique way at covering combat sports and more importantly the people behind them. When the article was posted here, Jacob was headed to Thailand to bring the project onto the international arena by taking a close look at Muay Thai, a beautifully intense and longstanding sport of its own, as well as a major contributor to the standup game within MMA. The trip was split between the very traditional camp Lookchaomaesaithong in the North and the world famous Tiger Muay Thai in the South.

The result is work that shows a wide spectrum of how Muay Thai in practiced today in the country that it originated. Jacob is now home in Philadelphia and has posted a large amount of the work on his home site and is working on plans to display the work in a number of different cities and to share it with as many people as possible, both inside and outside of the combat sports community, and in new and creative ways.

Here is a small selection of images, set aside exclusively for For more, including a video blog series from Thailand, check out the aforementioned website: