Image of Kenny FlorianIt’s not often that you get to spend the day learning techniques about fighting and training from one of the best fighters in the UFC. It’s even more rare that he brings along who he considers the man who gets him into shape, his strength and conditioning coach. But on Sunday March 22nd participants at Xtreme Couture in Toronto will have the opportunity to take part in a seminar and autograph session with the number 2 ranked lightweight in the UFC Kenny Florian.

But this is not all. While the Florian Seminar runs from 12-2 followed by autographs, one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world Kevin Kearns will put on a seminar from 9 – 11 am in the morning. Both of these seminars are very hands on and you will get a great workout.

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The cost of the Florian Seminar is $75 and Kearns is $50, or you can do both for $100, a 25% savings. has talked with numerous people who have trained with Kenny and Kevin and they have repeated that these two are the best 1-2 combo in the business for fighter and trainer and the seminars they put on.

And Kearns will throw in 3 of his “Burn with Kearns” DVDs for free. The retail price of these DVDs is $65.

We caught up with Kearns and he’s excited about the opportunity to finally come up to Canada and work with the fighters there. But not only fighters, but anyone trying to get into better physical condition.

“Someone asked me on a sports radio show that I was on last week, are you excited about going to do a seminar in Canada especially at Xtreme Couture ? I said My plan was to rock the house ! There will be an wave of 5.0 tremors all the way back to Boston and people will know that we shaking the foundation! I just hope the building can stand up to that shock wave. I will show people some of the most sport specific workouts and exercises , that whether an MMA athlete, or workout junkie will bring themselves to a whole new level!”

“I’m really excited to be back up in Canada again. My MMA seminar will cover everything from the stand up portion, to takedowns and the ground game. It will be a great day.” Said Florian this week.

Kenny was to face BJ Penn at UFC 99 for the UFC lightweight belt in the spring in Germany, but this fight got pushed back well into the summer. Florian was tied up in some controversy in early February when Penn told a media outlet that it was in fact Florian who told Penn that GSP would be greased up for their fight. Florian says nothing could be further from the truth. You can find out from the man himself about his thoughts on GSP – Penn, what his plan will be with Penn and how the skinny soccer player from Boston has gone on to become of the best fighters in the world today.

You can sign up at anytime at or call Xtreme Couture in Toronto at T 416-503-1600 or email Robin at [email protected]

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