If you are one of the numerous people who thought controversial TUF 8 competitor Junie Browning would clean his act up, turn his life around, and become one of the great success stories in MMA…well, this story isn’t for you.

Browning, who rose to fame on the popular reality show for his antics more so than ability, is being sought by authorities in Phuket, Thailand after assaulting a number of people in a bar over the weekend including a female employee and other females who attempted to intervene. While Browning was being treated for the injuries he sustained he apparently got into a fight at the hospital, fled, and hasn’t been seen since.

The situation was first reported by Thai media outlet Phuketwan.

It is not the first time Browning has been associated with a hospital-based assault after attacking medical personnel in 2009 while being treated for an overdose on pills.

Ever the entertainer, Browning updated his Facebook page with some alleged details of the original incident, saying he was attacked by ten people, had glass broken over his head, and was also stabbed.

No update on his condition or whereabouts have surfaced as of this posting.


MMATraining Take: Sad as this may be to say but I will be surprised if Browning turns up alive. Thai Law is no joke and he is likely facing serious time behind bars in terrible conditions. Given his personality, I don’t see him coming with the authorities easily nor do I see them having any qualms about causing him bodily harm given his behavior.