As far as Forrest Griffin is concerned, his UFC 148 co-main event fight with Tito Ortiz could be broken down into two parts.

Griffin, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, believes Ortiz will come out guns-blazing after being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame earlier in the day. If Griffin can avoid the likely Ortiz takedown attempt right off the bat, he believes his youthfulness will allow him to take control of the contest.

“He can only be so healthy at 37 when you’ve been fighting people for 15 years,” said Griffin in a recent interview with the UFC’s website. “He is gonna come out on fire. He’s gonna go for the kill off the jump and I think with everything going on, he’s going to be hell for the first half of the first round.”

Griffin earned a decision victory over Ortiz in their last meeting, while “The People’s Champ” scored a win in the first bout between the two. Ortiz asked for this third contest to finish his career, and Griffin believes he is going to see him at his best.

“I’m sure he’ll be in shape,” Griffin said. “He’s been breathing the rare air; he comes out hard, and I expect a motivated, in-shape, Tito.”


MMATraining Take: Griffin must stay on his feet through the first round. If Ortiz gets him to the mat, and can use his devastating ground-and-pound, the soon-to-be hall of famer could end things early. If it reaches the latter stages of the fight, Griffin should be able to control the pace and the action.