Frank Mir absolutely dominated Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC92. It was almost as though it was a sparring session in the gym as Mir landed rights and lefts flush to Big Nog’s head. It had to surprise Mir himself how effectively he was striking.

Image of Frank Mir, courtesy of Turns out – it did. In his post match interview Mir stated that he had never been as nervous as he was entering the octagon for the Nogueira fight and he never thought he could beat Nogueira.

With those words, Mir came across as either the most passionately humble heavyweight champion ever to exist or someone who truly did not believe in his own skills entering the bout. His honesty should be commended but from here on, Frank Mir needs to believe. Anyone who watched that fight is a believer.

Yes he called out Lesnar right after the fight but that was more “I won, what should I do next? Guess I poke Brock in the nose” instead of his true sentiments.

Mir is good, now the question is how good.

Let’s clear up a couple Mir Myths:

  • He is not lazy and out of shape habitually. Yes, there have been times in his career when he has been gassed in the ring and it has cost him but in comparison it is not as though Lesnar looked as though he could run the Boston Marathon by round two of the Couture fight. Mir broke his leg in a couple places not that long ago – not being able to walk can add a few permanent pounds to the waistline
  • He does not spend all of his free time sitting in “Perverts’ Row” at the strip club. Yes he worked as a bouncer at Spearmint Rhino in Vegas and he still continues to be employed as Director of Security at Spearmint but that is more of a statement about the distribution of profits in the UFC versus any personal interests. The heavyweight champion of the UFC needs a day job.

Lesnar – Mir II is now a much more intriguing matchup than their first meeting. Putting any weight on their first encounter is foolish as Lesnar is ramping up quickly in the MMA field and Mir has completely reestablished himself with his performance at UFC92.

Both are different fighters heading in to the sequel. Lesnar has beaten a true MMA legend and Mir has now having erased any doubts about his place in the UFC heavyweight division – even if they only existed in his own mind.