Gabriel Gonzaga is a former UFC heavyweight title contender who saw his career spiral downward after a loss to Randy Couture going just 3-4 inside the Octagon before being served his walking papers after back-to-back losses against Brendan Schaub and current UFC champion Junior dos Santos.

In fact, things got to the point Gonzaga even announced his retirement from the sport for a short time before returning to defeat Parker Porter this past October via third round submission. The win earned Gonzaga the Reality Fighting heavyweight title.

“I came back because friends and family (asked),” Gonzaga said in a recent exclusive interview with MMATraining. “Once I (realized) I still have some years left, I decided to (fight again). But I don’t know if it is gonna be always (like this).”

Gonzaga felt like he was rusty in the bout with Parker, and doesn’t have another fight lined up in the immediate future, adding on a possible UFC return, “(It) is something that I do not think too much (about).”

In terms of what’s next for “Napao”, the 32-year old said he wasn’t sure and was considering all options, revealing he didn’t have another match-up lined up, “But soon I hope to fight again. However, it’s hard to get good deals today.”

As a former opponent of Dos Santos, Gonzaga was pleased to see his countrymanr claim the UFC heavyweight title recently with a first round knockout of Cain Velasquez at UFC on FOX.

“He did awesome,” Gonzaga said. “He has a killer hand and he used it. It is really nice that he is the champion.”


MMATraining Take: Gonzaga didn’t really suffer any tough losses in the UFC, as he competed against some of the best in the heavyweight division. If he dedicates himself to training full-time, a possible return to the Octagon could be in his future.