Image of Gene Sapakoff from We all know there are some battles ahead when looking to get mixed martial arts sanctioned in all states as well as across Canada. New York being one of the main targets where we all hope to see positive movement in the near term.

Recently, there was some progress in Alabama as well as South Carolina towards approval of our beloved MMA that was of course tempered with the usual backlash of uninformed journalistic babble from individuals such as Gene Gene the Writing Machine Sapakoff.

Some excerpts of his article included here for your enlightenment:

“Horse racing is The Sport of Kings. Mixed martial arts is The Sport of Goofballs.”

“That’s right, [MMA is] bar fights repackaged as entertainment.”

“Flying groin kicks at 15 paces, anyone?”

“We are still not sure if MMA events are real or fixed”

That’s right. “We” are still not sure if MMA events are real or fixed was actually stated in the article. Yes we are. Unless we are goobers.

Cheers to you SC and Alabama – looking forward to a UFC event in 2010.