One of the few people to not seriously weigh in last week on the result from the UFC 143 main event between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit is Georges St. Pierre, the company’s injured welterweight champion who is set to face Condit at some point in 2012 based on his win over Diaz.

Now, thanks to one of the UFC’s newest shows, fans can see exactly what GSP thought about the fight as a spectator from ringside. Caught by cameras for UFC Ultimate Insider, St. Pierre appeared anxious throughout given his strong desire to see Diaz come out on top.

“Carlos is spoiling the party now,” St. Pierre stated after the first few rounds.

Check out the full video below featuring a cameo appearance from Chuck Liddell who also recognizes how closely contested Diaz-Condit is:


MMATraining Take: St. Pierre’s reaction is understandable as it’s hard to find any unbiased source who didn’t see the fight as being extremely close. Also, this feature is an excellent addition by the UFC. Ultimate Insider in general was fantastic and a welcome entry on the UFC’s programming schedule.