Young California phenom Gilbert Melendez, will take on friend and former training partner, Josh Thomson for the Strikeforce Lightweight title Friday night. caught up Melendez this week and he had this to say about how it will be no problem smacking around Thomson for their title fight. Thomson and Melendez have become good friends over the years, but Melendez will have no problem putting that friendship aside and going after ‘The Punk’ on June 27th.

California phenom Gilbert Melendez will take on friend Josh Thomson for the Strikeforce Lightweight title Friday night

“If somebody told me that today, and right now for free, I would never do that man. I’m not going to pick a fight with Josh, of course not. But once they close that cage and it’s in there and my belt is on the line, my future is on the line, and my career is on the line, it’s going to be real easy to hit him man. It’s going to be real, real easy for me to hit him”

Here’s hoping Thomson is close to 100% healthy and ‘El Nino’ and The Punk can exemplify what Mixed Martial Arts is all about, and put their friendship on hold for 25 minutes and battle it out. It should be a classic.