Greg Jackson knows mixed martial arts as well as anyone in the world. He’s turned 10 fighters into champions, currently coaches title-holders Jon Jones and Georges St. Pierre and is considered one of mixed martial arts’ top coaches. 

As a veteran MMA trainer and founder of his own martial art, Jackson clearly understands the trends of mixed martial arts and where it’s headed in the future. According to the Yoda of MMA, there’s one thing that’s changing MMA forever – TapouT’s Virtual Training Center and its MMA training.  

“It’s changing the game of MMA because it’s allowing you to train with the absolute best no matter where you are in the world,” Jackson said in a recent interview. “In the old days, you didn’t have access to this kind of information. You’d have to travel all over the world to find this kind of knowledge. Now all you have to do is turn on your computer and you have access to something that nobody else has had before. It’s amazing.”

Jackson grew up training in Albuquerque, New Mexico when mixed martial arts DVDs and instructional videos didn’t even exist. There certainly wasn’t anything like TapouT VTC, which offers over 400 on demand MMA training, MMA workout and nutritional videos from over 30 different fighters.

The service features Greg Jackson (who teaches three different modules), as well as other top fighters like Matt Mitrione, Pat Barry, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, Ryan Bader, Mark Hominick and tens of others.

It also includes MMA workouts from strength and conditioning coaches Rasheed English and Jake Bonacci, as well as nutritional tips from registered dietician PR Cole. New trainers and content is added on a monthly basis, giving members a never-ending database of information.

Needless to say, if Jackson had a service like TapouT VTC’s MMA training at his disposal growing up, things would have been much different.

“It would have made a world of difference. I basically came up through the school of hard knocks, making tons of mistakes, making tons of errors,” Jackson said. “What you get when you turn this on is years and years of experience. I made all the mistakes so you don’t have to make one. That gives you a level of safety, security and confidence in the plethora of techniques that I’m going to show.”

As Jackson mentioned, he grew up in a rough area where he was one of the only white kids in the neighborhood. He learned how to fight the hard way and ended up taking that knowledge to his students as he opened his first school in 1992.

That same year Jackson took all of his knowledge to create his own fighting style known as Gaidojutsu, which merged together basic techniques from wrestling, kickboxing and judo before eventually adding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu principles.

The point is, Jackson is truly a connoisseur of mixed martial arts, and has taken that knowledge to TapouT VTC to give members an opportunity that he – and other fighters or trainers from his era – never had.

He breaks down submissions, grappling as well as how to operate from guard. Jackson’s part of what he believes is “changing the game of MMA.” His knowledge, combined with the experience of other top fighters and coaches, gives the sport of MMA and MMA training potential to further grow.

TapouT VTC represents the massive development of the sport and the chance for fighters to get even better and better than they’ve been in the past.  

“You’re able to go far beyond your normal means with a flip of a switch,” Jackson said. “Getting on the computer allows you access to the best in the world, and guess what, they’re training you. How can you say no to that?”