georges-st-pierre-ufc-83Georges St Pierre will enter the cage at UFC 124 as the favorite over arch rival Josh Koscheck. It’s the ultimate good guy vs the perfect bad guy match up that even Vince McMahon couldn’t have created in his wildest dreams.  The UFC is reporting a record number of tickets purchased and could be a record Pay Per View buy. Georges St Pierre is not so quietly becoming the leader of the MMA movement into the mainstream and we are glad he is.

St Pierre is the perfect ‘good guy’ for MMA. He is clean cut. He speaks well. He is respectful of the sport and his opponents and he has landed himself endorsement deals with Gatorade and Under Armor in the last 12 months. Without even realizing it, the MMA community has jumped onto Georges back and we all wonder how far he can take it.

Trying to get sanctioned in the state of New York? GSP should be the ‘face’ of the sport on that initiative. Trying to open up MMA to new countries in new markets? GSP should be your guy. When the UFC lobbied aggressively to allow MMA in Ontario who did they bring up to parliament hill for a chat? That’s right. Georges St Pierre. As much as the hardcore MMA fans want to believe the sport will progress on it’s merits alone, they are wrong. There is more to it than that. Politics are involved. People need to ‘feel’ a certain way about an issue in order to take a side. The sport is still two guys fighting in a cage and some people will never like that.

But with GSP as our unappointed leader in the quest to grow this sport, MMA has elected someone who will always deliver when we need it the most. Over the last few years, the sport has opened up in a number of new markets, are now in half a billion homes worldwide and the sport continues to grow with each passing month. GSP has had a strong influence over most of this, whether we (and he) realizes it or not. With all due respect to Brock Lesnar, Rampage Jackson Anderson Silva and all the other MMA stars I suggest we all sit back and let GSP lead this charge for us.

He hasn’t missed a step.