Many pro fighters started their athletic career in other sports and eventually were drawn to MMA. Jared Hamman was no exception. He will take on CB Dollaway this Sunday night on the UFC on Versus card in Milwaukee, part of what has become an action packed month for MMA. caught up with Hamman and asked him how he got his start in competitive sports and how it helped him prepare for the grind of being a pro fighter.

“I played defensive end and linebacker in college. I coached for about four years after I graduated.” When asked about his athletic start.

Hamman says that football not only harnesses your physical gifts, but also prepares you for the learning process that comes with MMA Training.

“I have my overall athletic ability from just playing sports and what not but I think the coach-ability factor is what has helped the most from football.”

Football players are some of the best athletes in the world and it is no wonder someone with a strong football background would have success in MMA. Some fighters come strictly from a martial arts background and some had a base in another sport and learned MMA later. For Hamman, it was football that really prepared him for the grind that is MMA. His football training plus the coach ability factor has given him some early success in fighting.

Hamman is 12-3 overall and will look to even his record in the UFC to 2-2 Sunday night.