is reporting that the UFC has acquired certain assets of the IFL including their video library and fighter contracts. Rumours had been swirling for a week that the UFC was looking to complete this deal, and it may have happened sooner than we anticipated. further detailed the moved and noted that they have

“confirmed that Zuffa, LLC has acquired certain assets of the International Fight League, including the IFL video library and fighter contracts. The deal is similar to the buyout of the World Fighting Alliance in 2006 and allows Zuffa to get its hands on the valuable IFL video library and fighters without assuming the failed company’s debt.”

Furthermore an anonymous fighter within the IFL has confirmed to,

“that they’ve been notified of the acquisition of their contract by Zuffa, LLC have also confirmed that their contractual obligations are now to Zuffa, LLC according to their respective managements and legal counsels.”

This would certainly be big news for the MMA world. The IFL debuted strong out of the gates a few years ago, but have dwindled ever since. The publicly traded entity, who’s stock price once soared above $17 a share can now be picked up for around $1 cent. An unfortunate turn of events for the IFL to be certain, but if the rumours are true, the cash cow that is the UFC just got a little stronger.

Adding the likes of Chris Horodecki, Ryan Shultz and Wagnney Fabiano would add to the already all star line up that Zuffa boasts.

Stay tuned to for more details as they become available.