silva_vs_crocop_ii_hkCro Cop will be back in the UFC.

The word is already out so I don’t feel I am sharing any confidential information at this point.

The UFC has not given up their quest for Mirko Filipovic and in fact are going on the aggressive to bring him back.

Believe it or not, I was hiding in a nearby vacant office and overhead two critical conversations in the pursuit to bring Cro Cop back to the UFC. The first was the planning session between UFC President Dana White and UFC Co-Owner Lorenzo Fertittaand the second was with Fertitta and Cro Cop himself.

Here, for the first time, are my reproductions of those conversations. (Please note, it was difficult to take complete and accurate notes given my covert mission and need to keep completely silent. As a result, some of the quotes may not be entirely accurate. I did the best that I could give the circumstances).

White & Fertitta – The Pursuit
DW: Lorenzo, Cro Cop really screwed us. I mean really screwed us. Is there any way we can get him back for a couple fight and stick things in his ass?
LF: What do you mean, “stick things in his ass”?
DW: You know, when he goes to kick someone we get someone to jab something in his ass. Then when he goes down we grab the microphone and announce “nobody messes with the UFC. Not even craphat Cro Cop”. What do you think?
LF: Not sure on that one Dana. I hear you; I’m just not sure the approach is right.
DW: Well, let’s do something. Whatever it takes. Get him back for a few fights so we can mess with him.
LF: I’ll see what I can do

Fertitta & Cro Cop – The Deal
LF: Mirko. Good to see you old friend.
CC: I would like a lot of money to fight Al-turk again
LF: We think we can arrange a rematch with Al-turk if you agree to a three fight deal with the UFC, like you promised us heading in to Cro Cop vs. Al-turk 1
CC: Are all three fights with Al-turk?
LF: Well, no. We could give you the first fight as Cro Cop vs. Al-turk II but we were thinking of a more formidable opponent for the following two matches
CC: Can I say yes to this, fight Al-turk again, then sign the deal?
LF: Well, no. We tried that approach last time and you announced you were heading to DREAM right after the fight.
CC: We both have interesting last names
LF: Yes. Yes we do.
CC: I heard a rumour you were going to jab things in my ass.
LF: Just rumours Mirko.

The conversation continued late into the night but suffice it to say, substantial progress was made and we can expect to see Cro Cop back in the UFC before the year is out.

That is great news for Cro Cop and Al-Turk fans globally.

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