This past weekend’s UFC on FOX show may not have resulted in the most entertaining event given the decision-heavy main card but there’s no doubt the co-headlining clashes featured high-level technique on display with each involved party possessing some of the sport’s top skills.

Now UFC/FOX have allowed fans to re-live all of the best action from Chael Sonnen-Michael Bisping and Phil Davis-Rashad Evans by providing highlight reels for both bouts.

Sonnen earned a semi-controversial decision over Bisping who impressed all with his grappling defense, while Evans turned in one of his best overall performances to date by manhandling the uber-athletic and previously unbeaten Davis.

Check out the video clips below:

MMATraining Take: I thought Bisping-Sonnen was solid and don’t fault Evans for his dominance against Evans. I didn’t expect a finish and, as someone who appreciates high-level grappling, I was okay with the result even if it was far from “exciting”. Regardless, I love that FOX has been quick to release highlights from fights as well as interview clips. It’s nice to see how warmly they’ve embraced MMA/UFC.