caught up with Mark Hominick this week and discussed his upcoming fight with George Roop, as well as where the Team Tompkins teammates will be having their respective fight camps.

How is the hand healing? The plan to be ready for January?

The cast is finally off, so I have approximately 10 days of rehab to get my grip strength back and then I will be back to 100% training. I have been focusing on conditioning with the time off, so I will be ready to go for January 22nd.

Did the Garcia fight go as you thought? Any surprises?

The fight went exactly as planned, with the game plan of making him miss and make him pay for missing. The focus was to keep composure and stay away from making it a war, which would have played into his hands. Looking back I believe I could have finished him if I put more combinations together.

Any discussions on fight prep for you and George Roop since you are both Team Tompkins fighters?

I will be training with Shawn (Tompkins) in Vegas for the fight and George will be training in Arizona with his team there. We are both professionals and understand that teammates have to fight at the higher levels, and will put that aside for this fight.

Given any thought to being on the fight UFC card held in Ontario? What would that mean to you?

Going into my 10th year fighting as a professional I have always had the dream of fighting in my home province. This dream is a reality now and would love to be a part of the historic card whenever it happens.