mark-vs-yvesMark Hominick put on a fantastic performance Sunday night at WEC 49 defeating Montreal native Yves Jabouin. Hominick won fight of the night and on a card full of great fights, this one certainly stood out. Hominick withstood early pressure from Jabouin and knew his game plan was the right one.

“I knew heading into the fight the later rounds would be when I would take over and my body attack would be the decider. Yves is very explosive and dangerous in the early part of all of his fights and tends to fade as the fight gets deeper.” Hominick said Tuesday night from his Ontario home.

“That fight was meant to happen going on 8 years and lived up to the hype it had behind it.  I wanted to finish him with strikes so bad and to illustrate my level of striking for sure.”

In the second round Hominick began to take control as he peppered Jabouin with crisp punches and late in the round Jabouin fell hard to a body shot midway through. The fight looked to be over as Hominick followed up with a series of punches, only to have Jabouin come back with a huge right hand that floored the Ontario fighter, one that Hominick doesn’t remember. 
“Honestly, I dont remember the shot that knocked me down. I recovered very quickly but it definetely was a flash knockdown.”

Hominick was able to survive that flurry and reverse Jabouin to gain top position into full mount. He began coming down hard with head and body strikes from the mount until the referee was forced to put an end to the fight at 3:21 in round 2 by TKO.

So what’s next for the 145 lbs stand out with 3 straight wins, including two in the WEC. He wants to fight UFC and WEC veteran Leonard Garcia. Garcia is coming off one of the most action packed fights you will ever see with Chan Sung Jung at WEC 48 in April. 
“I think the Garcia fight makes a lot sense since we both came off wins and have won in both the WEC and the UFC and we both like to stand and trade punches.  It would be an exciting fight for the fans and would put us both close to contention for the title.”

Hominick and Jabouin were each rewarded with Fight of the Night honours and bonus for $10,000. What will Hominick do with that money?

“My wife and I just bought our first house so there will be a lot of things we will have to pick up to fill the place, but one things I know I am going to splurge on is a king size bed!”