Our friends at Fightlinker.com conducted a great Mark Hominick interview today and we have his thoughts on Florian. He had some interesting things to say about the 145 lbs division and where he thinks he fits.

He had this say to about Chad Mendes and Kenny Florian.

If you were matchmaker Joe Silva, who would have you fight next? Who would get the next title shot?

I think the fight to make for myself would be the Korean Zombie for a few reasons. First off, the fans are wanting to see that matchup, secondly we both have wins over Garcia and would make an exciting fight for the fans.

I feel bad for Chad Mendes, since he is truly deserving of the title shot, but it is really hard to market a big title fight when a lot of the general public and UFC fan does not know who he is, whereas every fan is familiar with Kenny Florian and it is a fight that can be marketed to the masses.

Always a class act. Hominick also revealed he suffered an injury a week after the Aldo fight. Check out the full interview at Fightlinker.com