Overheard at an anger management class:

Image of Rampage Jackson courtesy of api.ning.com

“I am a terrible loser. I mean I truly despise all things that relate to losing.

I have a bad temper. I lash out at times when patience would clearly be the best strategy.

Finally, there are definitely some stupid things I have done in my past that I regret and I would prefer to have a “do over” available.

I am Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. I have made some mistakes.”

Unfortunately for Rampage his mistakes include leading police officers on a chase while driving on the wrong side of the street and on city sidewalks after three incidents of hit and run. Ignoring the fact that his tires blew out, he kept driving on the rims just to see if he could make some sparks. Yeehaw! You know – the kind of stuff you expect from OJ.

He is a born again Christian. The desire came to him after a dream. To Jackson, the dream was a sign. ‘You know how girls cry when they’re happy?’ he said. ‘That’s how I was. I think I felt Jesus’ love. I don’t know. I automatically knew everything after I was born again.

Then he made the sparks. Zoom Zoom.

And yet, in less than two weeks Rampage will enter the octagon to thunderous applause from fans like yours truly, knowing that with a victory he gets a shot at the belt. Should he eventually win the belt, he may end up wearing it in a jail cell as he is due for sentencing January 7, 2010.

Jackson is without a doubt a talented fighter. Outside of the ring he has also proven to be affable, kind and someone who appears to genuinely appreciate his fans and the lifestyle that a career in mixed martial arts has allowed.

Heading in to the headline match for UFC96 we don’t know which Jackson will show up to fight a very game competitor in Keith Jardine, but what we do know is why we will be standing and cheering him as he enters the octagon.

Simply – we love a comeback story.

We love to give a second chance and see someone actually make something out of it.

We loved Quinton Rampage Jackson when he was with PRIDE and we were thrilled when he came over and showed us he was for real in the UFC.

This is make it or break it time for Rampage. Win and the comeback trail continues. Lose and there will be plenty of speculation about his future, especially if he ends up with some jail time in between his next fight. You don’t hear much about Michael Vick these days, but should he make his way back to the NFL you know there will be a standing ovation after his first rushing touchdown. We love a comeback story and that’s why we love Rampage Jackson.

Rampage has a lot to lose in Columbus at UFC96 and that is why he will win.