Looking to take part in the fastest growing sport in the world? Want to enter the cage and fight someone? Or are you just looking to get into and stay in shape? If you answered yes to any of these questions then getting started in MMA training is perfect for you. These simple and easy steps from the founders of MMATraining.com will get you into the MMA game faster than you know it.

Find a Gym!

The first thing you need to do is find an MMA gym that is right for you. You need to think of price, proximity to your home and what kind of gym it is. Some specialize in one martial art like muay thai and others focus on every discipline and call it MMA.  

To find a gym that is right for you visit our gym directory here


Simply pick your state and start contacting the gyms listed.

Training Gear!

You will need training gear in order to participate at your MMA gym. Some things you will need are boxing gloves, mouth guards and headgear. You will need to be fully equipped before you can enter the class. Make sure you ask at the gym what you need to buy before you come to your first class.

You can pick up training gear in our store at this link


MMA Clothing

You will need to pick up some quality MMA clothing. This will consist of MMA shorts, MMA shirts and some other items. All the very basics as you will want to blend in with the rest of the group. Some example brands of this are tapout, bad boy and affiliction.

Again, these items can be found in our store here


Discuss Topics with other people

If you really want to learn more about training and fighting you should talk to people who have the same interests. Our forum at MMATraining has all sorts of people who can provide answers and help you get better with fighting and training. Sign up today at the link below!


Training DVDs

You can pick up some MMA Training DVDs to help your conditioning. You can find those here


You need to make sure that you are having fun with your MMA Training. This should give you some helpful guidelines on how to get started in MMA. Good luck and let us know how it goes!