In what turned out to be an unfortunate tease it appears Brandon Vera will no longer be fighting Thiago Silva in May at UFC on FX 3 as was announced a few days ago after Vera suffered an injury while training for the fight. The change in status was revealed by UFC officials earlier today, though no specifics were given on Vera’s actual condition or if Silva was still expected to compete on the card.

The two originally met at UFC 125 where Silva outmuscled and outpointed Vera only to have it come out that he’d used steroids to help with a back injury in the months leading up to the event. The win was quickly made a “No Contest” and Silva was suspended for a year. He was recently reinstated with Vera taking notice, calling him out online, and ultimately getting the fight only to now watch it slip through his fingers.

The oft-injured Vera has only fought three times in the past two years with his most recent bout coming in October against Eliot Marshall who he beat by way of a sloppy Unanimous Decision.


MMATraining Take: I feel bad for Vera. It’s a shame to see his career turn out as it has, especially after he started out so brilliantly and showed such potential as both a fighter as well as in terms of an “it” factor. Hopefully his injury is minor and he’ll be back sooner than later. Likewise, hopefully Silva won’t have to wait for him since he’s been out for a year and needs to show he’s still got what it takes to compete.