Kevin Kearns is world renowned as one of the top strength and conditioning coaches around. He has worked with some of the sports best including Marcus Davis, Patrick Cote and Kenny Florian. We sat down with Kevin for an exclusive interview to get his thoughts on training and how you can become a better conditioned athlete.

Tell us about your background and how you began training Martial Arts Athletes?

I started in martial arts when I was 13 yr after the death of father at age 48. I was not a good athlete by any means but martial arts gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. My studies continued in several martial arts until I found my home at Sityodtong, under Mark Dellagrotte. Steve Whittier from Nexus Martial arts was training me in BJJ and hooked me up with Kru Mark. Steve also re introduced me to Kenny Florian after his win on the show. I started training some of the other fighters at Sityodtong and got a good rep going. Fast forward to Kenny fighting Sean Sherk and Kenny had hurt his back 2 weeks before the fight. I offered to help and flew out and went to my first UFC event. After loosing Kenny realized he needed a full time strength and conditioning coach . I have been in that position since. We all work together as a team since we have know each other .

Who are some fighters you have worked with over the years?

Marcus Davis, Stephan Bonnar , Kurt Pellegrino, Nate Quarry, Jorge Gurgel, “Ninja”, Din Thomas, Alex Karalexis, Ceasr Barros, Pete Spratt, Patrick Cote, Greg Rebello, Jorge Rivera , Alberto Crane, Scott Rehm, Daniel Gracie, Dan Bonnell , Sean Pacheco, and of course my close bro Mark Dellagrotte.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face with these athletes?

Breaking down the old school methods of training and cutting weight. A lot of the fighters have dieted and trained incorrectly just because this guy or that guy said to do this or that. The other challenge is making them realize there is no off season! You must train smart and stay in shape year round.

What have you done to set yourself apart from almost all other strength coaches in MMA?

We have put a system together over the years that works very well and is reproducible for other fighters. Also we continue to test and expand our knowledge on the training aspects and constantly evaluate feedback from fighters. In other words we never stop evolving .

Tell us a little about your DVDs and how they can help one become a more conditioned athlete?

It’s a comprehensive system that targets what fighters need and takes out the guess work.

How can people get a hold of you or buy your products?

Simple or [email protected]

Can you tell us about any upcoming seminars that you have planned?

We are on a world wide tour, we have been traveling the country to spread the burn with kearns system . I am very excited to be at Kurt Pellegrino’s on 2/28, The Arnold Fitness show in Ohio 3/6 and 3/7, and now going out of country to Canada to Xtreme Couture on 3/22 . Also we are planning a week long tour the last week of September in England and Ireland.