okamiAt UFC 122 Yushin Okami proved a few things. That he was better than Nate Marquardt. That he is always improving. And that he isn’t ready for Anderson Silva. Not even close. In the main event Saturday night Okami showed his usual self – calm and composed and put some of us to sleep. This has been the criticism of Okami in the past. From the casual fan to the President Dana White, Okami has been called boring.

Now he is supposed to be able to headline a UFC Pay Per view vs the winner of Anderson Silva/Vitor Belfort and that fight doesn’t get anyone excited. I’m not sure if it’s Okami’s style or his personality, but he simply cannot get fans excited about his fights. His ‘guaranteed’ title shot is many months away, since Silva and Belfort won’t be fighting until superbowl weekend. In the meantime I can see Dana White keeping a very close eye on Chael Sonnen’s steroid hearing, in the hopes that the repuplican from Oregon can get back into the cage sooner than later and take Okami’s title shot.

It’s not unusual for the UFC to promise a title shot and then take it back and in the case of Okami, let’s just say I’m in full support of that.