As she herself would likely tell you, the rapid ascension of Strikeforce star Ronda Rousey from relative unknown to poster-girl for MMA has been both a blessing and a curse. On one hand “Rowdy Ronda” has emerged as an unmatched female competitor whose bark is as dangerous as her bite. On the other, the increased spotlight on Rousey has revealed her to be a person who still has a lot to do where growth/maturity are concerned.

In a recent All-Access special documenting her life leading up to her bantamweight title-defense tomorrow night against Sarah Kaufman, Rousey was portrayed as a fierce fighter with numerous flaws on display for the world to see. Both her car and living area were cluttered with clothing and trash. Now, after some recent comments implying Kaufman’s possible death in their bout, it seems her mind is also need of some clearing.

This article is not meant to bash Rousey by any means. She’s only 25 years old and she’s had a tough life. Most individuals in her shoes would have crumbled long before ever achieving half of her success and she deserves to be commended for far more than she’s faulted for. However, as the face of women’s MMA and one of the sport’s biggest names, Rousey also has a responsibility as a professional to portray herself in a certain way.

That doesn’t mean she needs to put on an act or shy away from who she truly is. It means she needs to be conscious of her behavior is perceived by others and find a balance between “Ronda Rousey” the person and “Ronda Rousey” the brand. If she can’t do it, then Zuffa needs to help her achieve that goal, because both parties stand to lose a good deal if she continues down the path she set herself on leading up to Saturday night’s scrap.