There are three sides involved in putting together a fight – the two competitors being booked for the bout and the organization interested in hosting it. In the case of a possible rematch between UFC welterweights Carlos Condit and Jake Ellenberger, Dana White has come out to say the promotion is open to the fight and Ellenberger has expressed similar sentiments. However, Condit has remained relatively silent on the matter, sticking with the stance that he wants to wait for his shot at champion Georges St. Pierre.

Ellenberger, who lost a razor thin Split Decision to Condit three years ago, thinks he knows why too. Plainly put, Condit doesn’t want to fight him specifically.

“If it was up to me, then yeah, we’d probably be fighting in May or June, but I don’t know if that’s what the UFC wants. I think they kind of still put it in Condit’s hands, but I know Carlos. I know his manager, and I know they don’t want that fight,” explained Ellenberger while a guest on Sherdog Radio.

The 27-5 Ellenberger went on to state he understood their hesitation in risking a guaranteed crack at GSP considering the threat he poses. Ellenberger is coming off a win last week over Diego Sanchez at UFC on Fuel 1 and has had his hand raised in six straight bouts including those against Mike Pyle, John Howard, and Jake Shields.


MMATraining Take: I respect Ellenberger’s approach but if he really wants the fight he should be more vocal about it instead of acting as though he understands Condit’s mindset. If Ellenberger came out and said, “Condit doesn’t want to fight me because he knows he should have lost the first time and he will definitely go down this time,” he’d have a much better chance of seeing the scrap come together. He needs to rile the public up to have them pressure the UFC and Condit in general.