Highly-touted welterweight Jake Ellenberger is currently riding a six-fight winning streak in the UFC. However, as nice as his success has been, it’s the one match-up he came up short in gnawing on Ellenberger’s soul to this day.

In September 2009 Ellenberger made his Octagon debut against Carlos Condit, taking the talented “Natural Born Killer” three full rounds but ultimately losing a Split Decision. More than two years later Ellenberger is now a clear cut contender while Condit possesses the interim welterweight title. Unfortunately, with linear champion Georges St. Pierre shelved until November with a knee injury, Ellenberger has been left in limbo where he’ll likely have to fight again before getting a crack at divisional gold.

Ellenberger offered up his thoughts on the situation on this week’s episode of UFC Tonight where his remaining interest in Condit was clear.

“That’s easy – Carlos Condit,” the 26-year old replied when asked who he most wanted to fight next. “I’ve won six in a row now and I think it’d be a great time for a rematch with Carlos.”

“Our first fight, I took the fight on two weeks notice. I’m gonna be honest – that’s the fight that really keeps me up at night, makes me wants to work hard and motivates me.” Ellenberger continued. “I know I can beat him.”

With Condit’s unwavering desire to wait for GSP rather than risk his opportunity to face the French-Canadian a few other names have been floated around for Ellenberger including Martin Kampmann. The well-rounded Dane is coming off consecutive wins over Thiago Alves and Rick Story.

“Sure, why not? I feel like I can beat anybody at 170 pounds in the world and I’ll continue to prove that,” said Ellenberger of a potential fight with Kampmann.

Check out the full interview below:


MMATraining Take: Ellenberger-Kampmann would make sense though I would prefer to see the UFC force Condit’s hand. There’s no reason to have an interim title if it’s not going to be defended and Condit was already out for 6+ months before facing Nick Diaz in February. Now he’s going to sit for another 9-10 months? Ridiculous.