It seems any lingering questions surrounding Jon Jones’ chin have now been answered after eating a few tough shots from Rashad Evans in their title-fight last night at UFC 145 and remaining upright throughout. However, that’s not to say Jones absorbed them without any sort of repercussions.

“I wouldn’t say that I was hurt but he definitely wobbled me. Getting wobbled doesn’t actually hurt. Leg kicks hurt. He actually has my legs sore…I’m surprised, because he’s not much of a kicker and he kicked very well tonight,” revealed Jones at the post-event presser. “So I wasn’t hurt but he did wobble me. There was one point where I had gotten hit…and I tried to side-shuffle and I realized I stumbled which means I must have been rocked.”

“I was happy that I was able to take punches from Rashad because he’s a very powerful puncher,” Jones concluded on the subject.

The 24-year old’s ability to overcome the damage bodes well for him, as his whose next opponent – Dan Henderson – is notorious for knocking opponents out.

Watch the full press conference below with Jones’ comments coming at the 14:00 mark:


MMATraining Take: I’m not sure Evans hits as hard as Henderson does but I do agree Jones’ ability to take a punch is a good indicator that he’ll keep on trucking in the division. If Henderson doesn’t beat him I have a feeling Jones will be fighting at heavyweight before this time next year based on a lack of opponents at 205.