A common stance in Mixed Martial Arts is to avoid making match-ups personal as a means of focusing energy rather than letting emotion force a fight-ending mistake. A recent example pointing out the benefit of maintaining one’s cool relates to Carlos Condit, a welterweight who recently won the interim title by executing a calculated gameplan rather than be baited into opponent Nick Diaz’s world based on trash-talk.

When it comes to the UFC 145 headliner between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans there’s also likely to be a lot of emotion involved based on their personal rivalry and fractured friendship. However, it appears neither is overly concerned with falling into the trap it could create.

“I think my emotions will be more in affect leading up to the fight. I realize this is a fight I cannot lose. So my emotions will make me train harder, make me study harder, and make me focus on every little thing that I need to focus on,” said Jones at a press conference earlier today promoting the event. “I think my opponent will be in my head this fight and I want him in my head because I realize when people are in my head it brings out the best in me.”

“There (are) always emotions in each fight,” replied Evans on the same topic. “People (that) say that there’s no emotion in the fight, they’re not really in the moment, really in the fight. I’m just gonna have to be a little bit conscious of it and just not get too carried away with it.”

While it’s impossible to say how either will be felling come showtime on April 21 there’s one guaranteed emotion to be present in the building and that’s the overwhelming enthusiasm of excited fans.

Check out the full interview below:

MMATraining Take: I can see Evans being a bit calmer than Jones based on age/maturity but overall I don’t see emotion playing a role whatsoever except maybe during the face-off (or leading up to the fight as Jones said).