Earlier today UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones pleaded guilty to the charge of driving under the influence stemming from a one-car accident the 24-year old was involved in a little more than a week ago. Jones was arrested after crashing his Bentley into a utility pole and showing signs of intoxication at the scene.

As part of his deal with the prosecutor Jones had two additional charges dropped (improper turn, deviating from a direct path). As punishment for the DUI, Jones’ license was temporarily suspended and he will have to undergo an evaluation for alcohol abuse/dependency.

Jones is currently scheduled to defend his title against Dan Henderson on September 1 at UFC 151. The bout is not expected to be affected by his legal issues.

A local news report featuring Jones’ showing up to the court house can be seen below:


MMATraining Take: I understand nobody was hurt and I’m certain Jones learned from the experience but I think it’s ridiculous a guy can drink to the point of crashing his car into a pole and get off with a small fine. What if that pole had been a group of pedestrians or another car?