By the crowd’s overwhelmingly negative response to Josh Koscheck’s UFC 143 and post-fight demeanor, not to mention him giving the booing fans a single-finger salute, it’s unlikely the 34-year old will be winning any popularity contests in the immediate future. However, that’s not to say Koscheck doesn’t still make himself available for the public as evident in a recent video from the UFC where “Kos” responded to questions fans had submitted online.

Among the topics discussed, Koscheck breaks down some 90s ninja-related action and who is the better trash-talker between himself and Chael Sonnen. Koscheck also talks about an interesting fighting Vitor Belfort, Wanderlei Silva, and Michael Bisping.

“I’d love to trash that guy,” says Koscheck of “The Count”.

Check out the video below:


MMATraining Take: Koscheck is a great entertainer as far as I’m concerned. I don’t hold his jerkish behavior against him because I’m 99% certain he’s goofing on fans by playing a certain character. From all accounts he’s supposed to be a pretty decent human being when the cameras aren’t on him.