Perhaps I am stating the obvious and jumping on the already crowded Kenny Florian bandwagon when I say he deserves a shot at BJ Penn.

Heading into UFC 87 it was widely speculated that the winner of the Florian – Huerta fight would then square up against Penn for the title. Those rumblings turned to a murmur when Penn rushed the ring after GSP’s win – all but setting up a GSP-Penn battle that would bring down the house almost anywhere in the world.

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KenFlo is similar to the best employee at your company that you take for granted because he doesn’t complain, ever. Kenny shows up for every fight, he represents the UFC well both in and outside of the octagon, he’s well educated and well spoken and is dominating as of late in his weight class. When asked about a another title shot he just says it will happen and he’s thankful for the opportunity to fight in the UFC. He’s almost too classy for his own good.

Image courtesy of His training team is rock solid and as you can imagine he gives a lot of credit for his success to Mark DellaGrotte and his strength and conditioning coach Kevin Kearns. The team at has spent time in the gym with Kearns and there is no questioning his positive impact on Kenny since the two signed on together.

Florian has been a Division 1 soccer star, a Dean’s list student in college and is now opening up his own training facility in Brookline Massachusetts. So when will he get another shot at the one thing that has eluded him – the title?

It is likely, with Penn off chasing GSP, that Kenny will need to have another impressive outing before getting that second chance.

He’s talented, he’s on a winning streak, he’s loved by his fans, he deserves the fight and he doesn’t want to stir the UFC pot.

As a huge KenFlo fan I’ll be the squeaky wheel for him “Give me the damn fight Dana, it’s my time!”